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SK2000 Installation Instructions

1. Remove all of the old foam, hardware, cage, etc. and fully clean the shell and all additional components that you plan on reinstalling.

2. KEEP ALL OF THE OLD FOAM - It will help act as a reference when you are installing your new kit. 

3. Install the bumpers and reconnect the 2 pieces of shell. Do not install the rest of the hardware until instructed to do so below. Many of the screws will double up to attach an additional component and we don't want to waste time installing, dismantling, and reinstalling everything.

4. Install your J Clips

5. Build your foam kit. Use your old foam kit as a reference. Below will be a series of photos to help guide you if you no longer have your old foam kit. Note the screw posts are installed under the mounting harness. Measure and place a small mark with a pen or pencil on the middle of the mounting harness and the middle of the foam will help with aligning the 2 pieces during assembly. 

6. Install the rear foam piece. Note that you will be installing the rear screws of the plastic ear guard as well. 


7. Install the front foam piece. Start with the sides. Note that you will be installing the front screws of the plastic ear guard as well. Next step is to install the front 2 screws on the front foam piece. You will also be installing the jenpro cage guard and the cage itself at this time. 

8. Install your sling onto your cage. 


9. Photos once you get everything installed!


Please note: If you have purchased the Dual Density Poron foam for your kit, the Poron layer (thinner, shiny side) must be installed towards your face, the neoprene blend foam (thicker, darker side) is to be installed towards the shell. If the kit is installed in the opposite direction lamination failure between the layers may occur. The Poron is intended to be an overlay, not an underlay.

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