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General Installation Instructions

1. Remove all of the old foam, hardware, cage, etc. and fully clean the shell and backplate.


2. To aid in the cleaning, find an adhesive remover of your choosing – We recommend taking a look at 3M adhesive remover, it works for the majority of adhesives used in goalie masks. Get rid of as much adhesive as possible and then give your mask a good wash again to remove any of the product, the washing is very important as you don’t want the remover to eat away at your paint or epoxies in the shell!


3. Reinstall all of the hardware and cage - This needs to be done prior to foam being installed.


4. We then recommend mocking in the foam using some cheap double-sided tape to help with placement.


5. Mark the interior of the shell with a pencil, pen, sharpie, etc. to help act as a guide when you are installing the adhesive/foam.


6. Once you are happy with the placement then you can proceed with the installation of the foam using an adhesive of your choosing. Please Be Aware: Your foam kit will not come with peel and stick double sided tape, nor will the kit include adhesive. You will have to choose an adhesive you are comfortable working with we recommend one of the following - Contact cement, gorilla glue, superglue, or other adhesives will work. Contact cement will be the easiest to remove if you plan on keeping your mask for years to come. 


7. Photos once you get everything installed!


Please note: If you have purchased the Dual Density Poron foam for your kit, the Poron layer (thinner, shiny side) must be installed towards your face, the neoprene blend foam (thicker, darker side) is to be installed towards the mask shell. If the kit is installed in the opposite direction lamination failure between the layers may occur. The Poron is intended to be an overlay, not an underlay.

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