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Legal Disclaimer - Foam Kits, Hardware and masks. 


The foam, hardware and masks we sell are all sold, installed and/or worn at your own risk and discretion. Hockey is a contact sport which can be dangerous. By installing and/or wearing these replacement components in your goalie mask/helmet it does not guarantee against injury, including but not limited to; severe head, brain, neck or spinal injuries. Paralysis and or death may occur even with the correct installation and use of our products.


For maximum performance of a replacement foam kit, it must fit snug and be free of void spaces between the foam and the users head and face. If your replacement foam kit or hardware deteriorates or becomes loose or damaged, replace the components before additional use. This product is intended for use in hockey goalie masks/helmets only.


By installing a replacement foam kit or hardware into a certified mask, it may void any certifications and/or warranties currently provided by the manufacturer and certification companies.

For maximum performance of your Resilient goalie mask, it must fit sung and be free of void spaces between the foam and the users head and face. If your goalie mask shell, foam, hardware or other components become damaged, either by regular or irregular use, replace the components before additional use. 


Resilient Goalie Foam Specialists, its employees, and all other associated parties will not be held responsible for any incidents or injuries caused by the proper or improper use of these products.

Inherent risk is assumed every time you step on to the ice, court, field or other. Be safe out there, keep your gear in good repair!


Thank you from the Resilient Team.


The products we offer through Resilient are all custom cut to the specifications of the individual customers order. As a result we are unable to offer returns or refunds. Should the product that you have ordered have a defect we encourage our customers to reach out and we will happily discuss getting a replacement to you as soon as possible!


Occasionally Resilient Goalie Foam Specialists will offer discounts throughout the calendar year. Unfortunately customers whos orders have already been shipped are not eligible for a partial refund. 


At Resilient Goalie we ship using Canada Post. Unfortunately due to delays, shipping issues, processing issues, etc. we will not ship using other carriers. Please note that regardless of the carrier utilized, you the customer are responsible for all brokerage, duties, customs fees, taxes, etc. that are incurred from your packages arrival. 

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