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About Us

Resilient was created for a very simple reason, for far too long goalie masks have been created with no viable way to replace the foam that deteriorates exponentially faster than the shell and its back plate. Other brands have created products to act as a “stop gap” and some companies have even just simply thrown bulk foam in a bag for you to figure out yourself. None have truly allowed you to replace the foam that was designed to fit in your mask from the factory. What historically has been created is product where you had to struggle to install and constantly adjust the foam to find the optimal fit... All while guessing if you had installed enough of the product for it to be safe to play in!


At Resilient we allow you to customize the fit and feel of your mask, starting with the type of material you decide to install into your mask and following that with allowing you to adjust the thickness of each and every piece of foam that goes in to your kit! No more headaches, no more guessing if the foam you installed will be enough, no more smelly deteriorating foam. 


Resilient is always looking to innovate, from the foams that we are constantly sampling and adding to our collection, to the type of products that we offer! It will always be about the customer and keeping you safe.


There are exciting times on the horizon for us at Resilient. We are continuously adding new die cut foam kits to our collection that stay true to the original factory kits that originally came with your mask. In the next 12 months we plan on launching the following kits: Bauer NME ONE, CCM 9000, CCM 1.9. We are also starting to explore the idea of bringing in D3O foam into our line up as an overlay/underlay. 


Everything we do is aimed around keeping you, our fellow goalies safe. We test all of our materials rigorously before they are added to our line up and we will continue with our extremely high standards as long as we are in the business of keeping goalies safe on the ice. Our products will always be manufactured in Canada and Never outsourced overseas. Our customer service is here to serve you - Based out of Delta, BC Canada we are proud of the country we live in and proud to have you as our customer!

Dual Density EVA foam in grey, white, orange and blue

Dual Density EVA foam in grey, white, orange and blue

Dual Density EVA Colours

Dual Density EVA overlay colours

Non-Adjusted Dual Density EVA Foam

Non-Adjusted Dual Density EVA foam

Hand Crafted In Canada
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